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The author holds a Ph.D. degree from Oklahoma University and was a teacher for 40 years. He was a decorated pilot during the Vietnam War and wrote his first book titled Warriors at 500 Knots about his experiences flying the F-4D Phantom in combat.
He lives and flies with his wife in Southern California. He is a Certified Flight Instructor and university professor. He and his wife enjoy running, their four grandchildren, and two wire fox terriers. He serves as a volunteer and deacon in his church.

Warriors at 500 Knots
As the ground war struggled for success in Vietnam, it became intensely clear that the skies had to be owned by the allies for victory to have a chance. It was the F-4 and its pilots that made that possible. The author, a Phantom pilot himself, details intense stories of undaunted and valiant American pilots with their legendary fierce Phantom. These are personal stories of intrepid courage and self-sacrifice to get the mission done - whatever the cost. Fierce, unflinching battles to save friendlies and destroy a ruthless enemy are all recorded 40 years later. True tales of war at 500 knots.  

Flying the Lindbergh Line: Then and Now!

Flying in the early 20th Century was dangerous business. Aircraft were made of sticks and cloth and their engines failed at an alarming rate. Those who flew experienced a high incidence of accidents. Almost every pilot had stories of seized engines, landing or takeoff mishaps, becoming lost, bad fuel, dangerous weather and lost friends. However, some saw this stumbling attempt to master the skies as an opportunity to bring the human race forward. They had a vision of stylish travel across the ground and into the heavens with comfort, speed and profit. Such was the vision of Transcontinental Air Transport’s Lindbergh Line that began the first scheduled coast-to-coast airline passenger service in 1929. It teamed with aviation visionaries Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart to build a new industry. That industry’s successful struggle evolved into our modern airline passenger service, one that carries us across the continent and across the world. 
In the summer of 2012 he and his wife flew the original “Lindbergh Line” in their airplane and documented in words and photos what remains of this historic route.

Yea!! "Choices" has been published in Hardback and Paperback Formats.
In his third book, "Choices: Responsible Decisions for a Godly Life," Dr. Robert Kirk explains that each of us is responsible for the outcome of our life. The individual choices we make in life determine what we will become. In Choices the author recommends the Book of Proverbs as a guide for Godly wisdom to assist us in our decisions.


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​Author’s Biography:
The author lives in Southern California with his wife of 47 years, and their two Wire Fox Terriers. He has two grown sons and three wonderful grandchildren. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Biology. His teaching career was interrupted when he joined the Air Force. He was a Distinguished Graduate from Officer Training School and was offered the opportunity to attend pilot training. He attended basic flight training at Vance Air Force Base in Enid, Oklahoma.             Following pilot training he was assigned to F-4 training at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona and George Air Force Base in California. He then attended three survival schools and in 1969 was assigned to the 480 TAC Fighter Squadron at Da Nang Air Base, South Vietnam. Three months later he moved with the 480th to Phu Cat Air Base.         During his tour he completed 197 combat missions in the F-4D and was awarded several medals including the Distinguished Flying Cross. After Vietnam he rotated back to the States and transitioned to the C-141 aircraft. He attended C-141 flight training in Oklahoma and was stationed at Travis Air Force Base, California. He flew the C-141until he resigned from the Air Force in 1971.       The author completed his Ph.D. degree and has taught at the university and secondary school levels for over forty years. He is a commercial pilot and a Certified Flight Instructor. He enjoys private flying and owns a Beechcraft Sierra aircraft. He serves as a deacon in a local Christian church and helps oversee the church community Food Room.
In April, 2011 he published his first book, Warriors at 500 Knots, about his experiences flying the F-4D in Vietnam. The book is a collection of 14 short stories about the missions that he flew in Vietnam. It honors all veterans but particularly Vietnam veterans who had such a hard time “coming home.”

"Choices," is here!!

​Author’s Biography: